Wellbeing & Peak Performance Coaching

Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy

Qualified Medical Doctor

Small groups, maximum space for peace…

Deborah has a vibrant yet reassuring personality. She enjoys taking small groups away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life, to uniquely inform and inspire each individual as to their best path to wellness on their return.

Inspiring, creative, nurturing, informative, relaxing and explorative…

Benefit from the wealth of understanding gained from exemplary education/experience and wisdom achieved from her own successful journey to true wellbeing.

Beautiful locations and accommodation carefully picked for your ultimate experience

  • Guides and teachers available for hiking, cycling, yoga….. All at your own pace!
  • Enjoy optional creative pursuits… writing, art, photography, cooking…
  • Delicious menus cleverly and creatively designed by Deborah and our hand-picked, exceptional local chefs
  • Wellbeing understanding and inspirations presented over delicious & nutritious atmospheric group meals
  • Optional one-to-one consultations with Deborah

Enjoy relaxation

  • All our rooms offer comfortable beds in peaceful surroundings
  • Spectacular gardens with breathtaking views
  • Refreshing pools
  • Warming cosy fires
  • Thoughtful pampering and luxurious touches

Small groups with exclusive use of each carefully selected location



The Telegraph

Introducing our unique Tuscan Retreats

Authentic wellbeing STARTS from an achievement of peacefulness

Immerse yourself in beauty, healing & inspiration


Relaxation and Discovery
Magical walks through the jaw-dropping countryside and special destinations (waterfalls, caves, mountains – and so much more)


Gaining the ultimate insights…
Discover the real tools of genuine, lasting wellbeing…

It’s about simplifying things to give you space to access the real issues: your physical and mental comfort; connection with your authentic self; inspiring your life. 

Good food is always a guarantee and being nutritious never has to mean compromising on an incredible eating experience!

Creative, delicious, authentic…


Removed from your environment and the stresses in your life, you are given the space to develop a greater understanding.

  • Relaxation
  • Massage, yoga, meditation…
  • Opening yourself to beauty, nature, the senses
  • Creative workshops and ideas

What you’ll experience here will set you in great stead for your return.

You don’t have to let go of the bliss just because you’re going home.




Rustic charm with refined comfort
Exceptional regional cuisine
Stunning hand-picked locations
Easily accessible (simple transport)
Walks and hikes
Inspirational guidance






Our retreats are in the slightly cooler months (May, June, September and October) Enjoy hiking routes around the lakes and mountains, plenty of creative inspiration, on-site private and group yoga sessions, body treatments (massage, healing, beauty, etc), dolphin watching, delicious menus created by Deborah and talented local chefs.




Italian Lakes

Relaxation, creativity, invaluable knowledge and of course, fun!



The full Wellbeing Retreat Experience, combined with beautiful mountain hikes.


At Home – Our UK retreats



Our UK retreats are as varied as your imagination. From earthy camping retreats in private woodlands, to the best luxury country house venues – from highly structured fitness retreats, to creative get-aways specifically designed to relax and encourage the struggling artist inside you.

There is a retreat for every individual!

If you feel like a break, please get in touch and we’ll help you find the right retreat for you…


For all venues & dates please contact:

Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com

Tel: 07855 523487

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