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This is the essence of an environment for a retreat: an opportunity to leave everything that causes anxiety in your daily life, replaced with the inspirational and healing effect of beauty, peace and light.

In your life you encounter pressures and challenges you feel trapped by. But really you are only encountering your own mind, complicatedly invested in its ideas, goals and responses.

Step away and into an atmosphere of inspiration and you have an opportunity to really observe what you are doing to yourself in grand or subtle ways. The busyness makes it so difficult to see, the collective ideas around you become your own.


What is a holiday? An idea that you can give yourself a break from the mundane and all responsibilities. An idea that you will reboot, usually by sleeping, resting, and stepping out of the rat race.

What is an authentic retreat? An environment and opportunity to really see who you are, so that you have a real possibility of true shift by careful diagnosis and purposeful and individual inspiration. Having available all the physical tools to support harmony in your body, but the real and complex work is to observe your mind and what nourishes and drains your unique energy.

We’re currently in the Dordogne doing one to one autumn retreats. For more information about this special opportunity email:


Read on for more details on our varied beautiful retreats, available throughout the year.


On This Page:

  • The Dordogne
  • Corsica
  • Tuscany
  • Andalusia
  • Italian Lakes
  • UK/Weekend Retreats
  • Spa Days


  • One-on-One: Just you and Debbie
  • Small, intimate groups: Bring your partner or a group of like-minded friends

What to expect:

  • Get away from your comfort zone and into the beauty of nature
  • These retreats are a wellbeing course: come to one for effective impact, or return again and again to continue building your understanding and skills!

What will you work on?

Being truly successful in your own life means breaking through conditioning and the mundane responsibilities, in order to blossom into a free, self-directed person, creating their own life.

  • Success
  • Freedom
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Wellbeing
  • Connecting to your authentic being
  • How to unhook from the causal base of disease, stress, addictions…

Where will you work?
Whatever your taste – mild hikes, sea swimming, rock pools, thermal spas, waterfalls – or over a great meal.

Absorbing the depth stillness and quiet – What a gift to give yourself…


Deborah has a vibrant yet reassuring personality. She enjoys taking people away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life, to uniquely inform and inspire each individual as to their best path to wellness on their return.

Inspiring, creative, nurturing, informative, relaxing and explorative…

Benefit from the wealth of understanding gained from exemplary education/experience and wisdom achieved from her own successful journey to true wellbeing.

For further information please contact:

Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com



The Dordogne

Image: dreamfrenchweddings.com

Designed uniquely for you!

On offer:

  • Cycling and hiking
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Carefully sourced incredible accommodation in the most beautiful and authentic French villages.
  • Delicious food
  • Art classes
  • French cookery lessons

Get out of the clinic environment and into nature and culture. Do all of your work with Debbie whilst exploring all that this spectacular area has to offer.




IMG_1290.JPGPhoto: Corsican Wellbeing Retreats by Dr Deborah Quinn


This is truly special.

  • Beautiful hand-picked locations (think white sands, turquoise waters, intoxicating scenery and organic traditional cuisine)
  • Swimming in rocks pools and the beautiful ocean, exploring hand-picked hiking trails, mountain and waterfalls…
  • Time to yourself to reflect, absorb and relax

Get away from your comfort zone and into the beauty of nature


Photos: Corsican Coast, Corsica Sunset and Corsica Rockpools by Dr Deborah Quinn

Photos: Corsica.co.uk, Mac’s Adventure.com, Via Mare




The Telegraph

Introducing our unique Tuscan Retreats

Authentic wellbeing STARTS from an achievement of peacefulness

Immerse yourself in beauty, healing & inspiration


Relaxation and Discovery
Magical walks through the jaw-dropping countryside and special destinations (waterfalls, caves, mountains – and so much more)




Gaining the ultimate insights…
Discover the real tools of genuine, lasting wellbeing…

It’s about simplifying things to give you space to access the real issues: your physical and mental comfort; connection with your authentic self; inspiring your life. 

Good food is always a guarantee and being nutritious never has to mean compromising on an incredible eating experience!

Creative, delicious, authentic…



Removed from your environment and the stresses in your life, you are given the space to develop a greater understanding.

What you’ll experience here will set you in great stead for your return.

You don’t have to let go of the bliss just because you’re going home.




Rustic charm with refined comfort
Exceptional regional cuisine
Stunning hand-picked locations
Easily accessible (simple transport)
Walks and hikes
Inspirational guidance






Our retreats are in the slightly cooler months (May, June, September and October) Enjoy hiking routes around the lakes and mountains, plenty of creative inspiration, on-site private and group yoga sessions, body treatments (massage, healing, beauty, etc), dolphin watching, delicious menus created by Deborah and talented local chefs.




Italian Lakes

Relaxation, creativity, invaluable knowledge and of course, fun!

Photo: Lake Maggiore
Wellbeing Retreats hosted by Dr Deborah Quinn



At Home – Our UK retreats


Photo: Suffolk Wellbeing Retreats by Dr Deborah Quinn

Our UK retreats are as varied as your imagination. From earthy camping retreats in private woodlands, to the best luxury country house venues – from highly structured fitness retreats, to creative get-aways specifically designed to relax and encourage the struggling artist inside you.


One Day Spa Retreats


Photo: Alexander House

Hosted at a stunning country hotel set in beautiful grounds with close links to London. Overnight stay always an option!

  • Small groups
  • Pampering treatments for you to pick and choose from
  • Full access to facilities: trails, tennis courts, outstanding indoor pool with hydrotherapy, outdoor hot tub…




Not to be Missed! Wellbeing Lunch:
Unique & inspiring wellbeing understanding delivered over an informal 2 course lunch with Debbie, in a luxurious private dining room.

Fun, informative, innovative: learn what Wellbeing could really mean for you!




There is a retreat for every individual!

If you feel like a break, please get in touch and we’ll help you find the right retreat for you…


For all venues & dates please contact:

Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com

Tel: 07855 523487

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