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We hope to encourage an enthusiastic curiosity about wellbeing, and break the tired associations with ‘too much discipline and sacrifice required’.

Seeking more emotional fulfillment, vitality & relaxation in your life is the definition of ultimate wellbeing!

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How to Shine Through Stormy Weather

Seeing Your Life in a Different Light

Autumn Boosters: Welcome the Best You Yet!

Autumn Retreats in the Dordogne

Postcards from retreat: A Sketch From the Senses

3 Part Series on Preparing for Peaceful Change:
Part One: Boost Your Energy for the Change of Season

Part Two: Harvesting the Light: Make Walking a Genuine Passion Again

Part Three: Stocking up on Goodies!


Secrets to preparing for future freedom!

The Rising Cult of Self-Sufficiency…

Come Outside!  The health and wellness benefits of the outdoors, and what it means to rediscover patience, space and what the real world is actually about…

Meditation: Developing Focus for Complete Beginners

Presenting Corsica: One-on-one Retreats

The Art of Hopefulness

How to Eat Beauty For The Soul

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You…

Try Something New: Changing Your Mind, Not Your Lists!

What Is Wellbeing?


Relaxation Part 1 – Meditation

Relaxation Part 2 – Finding Relaxation in the Everyday

Relaxation Part 3 – Yoga

Relaxation Part 4 – The jump from melodrama to sensual delight

Relaxation Part 5 – Art – Georgia O’Keeffe at Tate Modern, London


Emotions Part 1 – You Really Are Not Who You Think You Are…

Emotions Part 2 – The Emotional Equation

Emotions Part 3 – Guilt

Emotions Part 4 – Going a bit deeper…

Body Work:

Body Work Part 1 – Exercise… Getting Started!

Body Work Part 2 – Yoga

Body Work Part 3 – Yin Yoga


Living a Self-Directed Life

Self Discovery: It’s not what you KNOW, but what you DO that defines you


Adventure Part 1 – Change

Adventure Part 2 – Travel. A great analogy for The Real Journey

Adventure Part 3 – Meet Yourself on the Road


Nutrition Part 1 – Autumn

Sensual Delight

Dressing Salads for Spring!


Mindfulness Part 1

Why Meditate?


Autumn Retreats in the Dordogne

Presenting Corsica: One-on-one Retreats

Introducing Tuscan Retreats

January Retreats

New Year Tips to Revisit All Year Long…

Tips for February: Letting in the light

Has Your New Year Resolution Lost Its Resolve?

Tips for January: Hibernation

Success for 2017

Christmas Countdown…

Top Tips for 1st Week of December

Top Tips for 2nd Week of December

Top Tips for the 3rd Week of December

Top Tips for the 4th Week of December

One-Off Articles:

Retreat! Retreat! Get away from it all with Debbie…

Back To School -Procrastination & Concentration

The Yoga Journey: Unexpected Discoveries

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Recipes, Costumes, Decorations, Playlist…

A New Understanding

The Last Week of November – finding time to reflect and prepare

Easter: The eccentric holiday

Spring Clean

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