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Welcome to The Wellbeing Specialist Blog

We hope to encourage an enthusiastic curiosity about wellbeing, and break the tired associations with ‘too much discipline and sacrifice required’.

Seeking more emotional fulfillment, vitality & relaxation in your life is the definition of ultimate wellbeing!

Most posts include a carefully selected recipe for inspiration and nutritional integrity.

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We have two current series for your interest. One is a collection of delicious hand picked recipes with true nutritional integrity (Mindful Mondays), the second photos and notes back from our Retreats in the Dordogne (Postcards from Retreat).


Mindful Mondays Series

A special recipe with a side dish of inspiration!
Handpicked recipes by Dr Deborah Quinn serving nutritional integrity with sensational taste and creativity. Enjoy!
Fabulous Fish Recipe Series:
Vegan Delight Recipe Series:
Dressing Vegetables with WOW Recipe Series:
Breakfast is King Recipe Series:


Postcards From Retreat

A Real Experience. Follow Debbie on Retreat in the Dordogne, sending home beautiful pictures and inspiration …

Dune du Pilat – Arcachon

Where are our Retreats?

A February Night in Sarlat

Market Day at Issigeac

Fairy-tale in the Sky

Cycling in the Dordogne

Beauty in Sarlat Cathederal

Exploring the Dordogne Valley in February

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Retreats – Articles for more information

How to Create Retreats at Home

Seeing your life in a different light – do you need a retreat?

June Retreats in Corsica

A sketch from the senses

Autumn Retreats in the Dordogne

January Retreats


Nutrition for Autumn

Sensual delight – break the false idea that healthy equals bland

Delicious salad dressings for Spring!



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