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Dr Quinn has developed a unique and comprehensive process which identifies the causal base for each individual – whether this presents as a physical, emotional or lifestyle complaint.

This is an inspirational and assuring new insight into authentic wellbeing.

What is causal base?

Diagnosing the actual causes which create an individual’s symptoms is the value of this Practice, since the generating force behind most of our symptoms is often never established.

An emotional imbalance may present as a physical symptom! Your body lives in your consciousness.

Removing confusion about the issues is the starting point…

We run thought patterns and values from an origin inside us that we do not understand or connect to. It has taken years of expert training and vast experience to develop a unique way of working with clients towards greater understanding, and therefore ultimate wellbeing.


In this inspiring, entirely unique process, clients may address:

  • Nutritional medicine
  • Key supplements
  • Stress & emotional responses
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Addictions
  • Body mechanics
  • Physical activity to develop peak performance
  • Unique relaxation practices to encourage deeper mental and neurological relaxation
  • Physical comfort (symptoms and pain)
  • Quality of sleep
  • Energy dynamics





Food For Thought

Disappointment, frustration, feelings of having been betrayed or let down, hopelessness, boredom, irritation, anger, resentment, sadness, regret, blame… you cannot feel truly well carrying these within you. Most of the time we aren’t aware of their presence and how intense and consuming they are.

Emotional responses within you create the platforms for ‘dis-ease’

People rarely link emotions to physical function in a definitive way. On a very simple level we all feel stress as ‘tension’ and this always manifests in the body (a tightening off of an area wanting optimum energy, oxygen and nutrition to function).

Your body isn’t invincible, it needs to be fed… physically and emotionally. The feelings that feed you ‘well’ are serenity, joy, inspiration, love, appreciation of beauty, gratitude, understanding, forgiveness, honesty…


Your sessions with Deborah

Wellbeing is such a dynamic process of real understanding taking root within. This is a progressive journey.

All sessions are strictly confidential, all guidance delivered with inspiration and reassurance.

For all enquiries and bookings (clinic, telephone, Skype) please contact:

Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com

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