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This is a comprehensive and inspiring process which identifies the ‘causal base’ of ‘dis-ease’ for each individual.

As well as expert individual nutritional guidance, the following may also be addressed:
Cardiovascular fitness
• Musculoskeletal performance – flexibility, strength, posture & tension disrupting function, power and comfort.
• Addictions
• Sleep quality
• Naturopathic cleansing techniques
• Mechanisms for deep neurological relaxation




Also establishing and developing the understanding that emotional responses within you create the platforms for ‘dis-ease’. This is a very conscious process, helping you diagnose, source and master complex emotional responses that direct physical dysfunction by release of chemical messengers.

Nutritional medicine used intelligently and relevantly provides quality fuel for your physical performance and life, however emotional equilibrium has to be achieved before experiencing optimum benefit from exceptional nutrition.

Realise your potential and develop solid foundations for your body performance with this insightful approach.


 20 minute introductory session £30

We advise this so that the process can be detailed to you, and your onward journey can be tailored to your specific needs – making it cost-effective right from the start. 

Please email us at deborah@h2o-nutrition.com to book.




1. Consultaions
2. Retreats
3. One Day Intensive Sessions
4. Webinars



1. Consultations

  • Clinics:
    London (The City and Sloane Medical Practice in Knightsbridge)
    South East of England (Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead)
  • Skype audio or telephone

Why Skype?

To open up flexibility, availability, convenience and continuity
Shorter sessions  – An opportunity to tailor input to suit your budget and needs
Greater availability – remove the likelihood of waiting lists or limited clinic availability. Enjoy the freedom of out of hours accessibility
Convenience – relax in your own home and avoid time consuming and unreliable commutes to clinics.
World wide reach and continuity – accommodating travel commitments

…Freeing limitations to dedicate yourself to wellbeing



2. One to One Retreats
Personal retreats in the beautiful Dordogne and South Devon UK.



Photos taken by Dr Deborah Quinn on retreat in the Dordogne. For more information about retreats see HERE


Comprehensive and invaluable wellbeing and nutritional coaching with a huge serving of inspiration! This service offers a special personalised and authentic experience. There is great value in removing yourself from your environment (retreating) to gain perspective on what is causing ‘dis-ease’ within you. Prepare for this transformative process in beautiful, peaceful and spiritual environments.

A special opportunity for you to gain most benefit from the wealth of the information and inspiration available to you.

For more information, visit our Retreats page, and our blog series: Postcards from Retreat

For testimonials from recent clients see HERE



3. One to One Day Intensive Sessions
Based in the South East Ashdown Forest and beautiful South Devon

An intensive and effective coaching service.



4. Webinars – group sessions
Information on popular subjects and an enlightening series on real nutrition and ultimate wellbeing.

More information on Webinars HERE



For all enquiries and bookings please contact:
Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com
Tel: 07855 523487

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