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Group Skype Meetings – Mondays at 8pm

We invite you to our concise expert sessions, content cleverly designed to address the issues that bother you most with minimum impact to your lifestyle

From the comfort of your own home for your convenience

Informative guidelines to support common complaints. Vast range of topics to cover individual interests and goals. No personal information will be shared or discussed.

30 minute to one hour sessions

The guidelines are not designed to replace medical investigation and treatment.



August 2017
Upcoming Dates and Topics

7th August – All about Stress
A simple understanding of cause and effect
Stress translating into tension, into discomfort/pain, into illness or injury…
What are the real stressors?
Tools to minimise the effects of stress on the mind and body



September 2017
Upcoming Dates and Topics

Monday 4th- 8pm
Just for Children!
For parents to get greater clarity on balancing diets & potential supplements.
Support healthy growth, balanced hormonal development and stable energy reserves.

Monday 18th – 8pm
Men’s Health: All About the Prostate
Understanding benign prostatic enlargement with age, and getting clear about prostate cancer. Everything you can do naturally!



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