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“Over the years I have made several attempts to address various health issues, the difference with Dr Quinn’s approach is that this is the first time I actually feel great. My energy levels have increased beyond recognition and people keep saying how well I look.

Even after the first few days I noticed major positive changes within my body, which continue as Dr Quinn refines the programme to suit my individual needs.

Not only does Dr Quinn address the medical problems, she also applies a holistic approach, which inspires trust and made me feel understood as a person, an individual rather than just a set of symptoms.

The fact that Dr Quinn tailors the programme to suit my specific lifestyle means that it is possible to make long lasting, beneficial adjustments while still living my day-to-day life. For the first time in years I am comfortable in my body. I would recommend Dr Quinn’s supportive, insightful and non-judgemental approach to everyone.”



“I would recommend Deborah to anyone who feels below par in any way. She helped me to recover quickly from Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue and I have continued to seek her advice for over five years now.

Not only have I fully recovered but I feel better than I did before I was ill. I now love to eat well and really enjoy cooking healthy food. Her knowledge is immense – having been a doctor and now a highly qualified nutritionist. She fills her clients with confidence and courage, is considerate, intuitive and gentle while being fun to work with. I have really enjoyed my journey so far and will continue to work with Deborah in the future.”



“Dr. Deborah Quinn turned my energy levels and wellbeing around dramatically 3 years ago and I have never looked back. I fly around the world regularly on business and the expert food advice and nutrition that Debbie provides guarantees that I am in ‘tip top’ condition to deliver my global training seminars. Every step of the way I have been supported by Debbie and her medical knowledge and nutritional expertise is second to none. I highly recommend her.”

Rosemary Parr, CEO Global PA Association & Training Academy.



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