How to create retreats at home

A Snippet from Debbie’s retreat diary   Practice some of the introductory elements of a retreat in your daily life: Go solo to get in touch with your soul. Free your potential for wellbeing by freeing yourself from all the illusionary traps of the mind. Caleb Jones This week – a walking meditation Walking with […]

Part 2 – Harvesting the Light: Make walking a genuine passion again

A Note from Natalie Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn   Walking does so much more for you than just great exercise, and it is especially bountiful for your wellbeing when the days start to shorten and life goes back indoors again. […]

A New Understanding

From Dr Deborah Quinn Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters Trusting in abundance Abundance is a trust that you are provided with perfect opportunities (support) when you let go of rigid desires – when you stop being a slave to them (and they are always external to you… I want this house, this position, this partner, this […]