Rock pools in the mountains of Corsica

Steeply winding roads slow travel to embrace traditional villages and spectacular views. Climbing higher with steadfast patience to incredible beauty in the folds of this surprising mountain range. A stunning series of deep rock pools carved in polished white stone greet me. The water looks so refreshing that I join many others just to perch […]

Tapas in Frigiliana

A couple of miles beyond Frigiliana humbly sits a traditional Spanish restaurant. No adornments required, as the food is divine and even the night view sensational. All the way to the sea, twinkling lights locating sporadic towns nestled in valleys. Dark ragged edges of mountain earth just visible at twilight, far below a sparkle discerning […]

Hope Cove – Devon

Thatched painted fisherman cottages clustered together at the waters edge, nestled down between steep cliffs of sheep-speckled meadows. This part of the coast points towards the setting sun, a heartfelt pastime to quietly watch the fire of the sun cool into the fading blue of the sea at the end of long summer days. Sounds […]

Chartres Cathedral – France

Hours of driving have made me tense with concentration. Unfamiliar roads and tolls flowing through wide expanses of earth and sky, nothing to mark progress except the passing of time. It’s a pleasant March day but clouds dark with coming rain are gathering up the blue skies behind me. Suddenly I encounter change, a mosaic […]

Lake Magiori – Italy

Lightning on a balmy night offers outline glimpses of the mountains holding this beautiful Italian lake. Dramatic snapshot illuminations of this nocturnal landscape from my rooftop vantage. The scent of tropical flowers permeates the air, even at this height. These floral notes are blended with other delicious aromas of Italian cooking and subtle exotic perfumes, […]

Corsica beaches in June

I encounter dazzling white powder sand, the beach reaching its tentacles into fresh pine woods hiding these magical coves from roads and tracks skirting this luscious island. The aroma is invigorating and Christmas nostalgia pulls excitement from me. Aquamarine seas with gentle forces creating buoyant waters and shallow shelves can be glimpsed from the woods. […]

Lake Viñuela – Andalusia

A unique oasis of blue topaz water, tones changing to reflect every nuance of the sky. Sparse whitewashed buildings hug the hilly borders, distant splashes of shocking pink bougainvillea catching the eye. Water that quenches the thirst of locals and the imagination of artists. Colours so changeable and delightful it is enough and more just […]