An authentic restaurant

In the most beautiful vineyards close to Bergerac is something rather special. Pushing open a door to an unassuming bistro, I pause stunned by all that meets my senses. This is atmosphere, a perfect environment that hits all the right notes. Candles flickering in alcoves, delicate chandeliers high above my head, enchanting music, the gentle […]

Dune du Pilat – Arcachon

  It’s not often you encounter views that confuse the mind. Walking up from a car park hidden beneath a dense canopy of pine trees I reach what can only be described as a mountain of pure white sand. I start the ascent, not easy work and laugh with others about slow progress and burning […]

Seeing your life in a different light

Do you need a retreat? Thoughts from our current one-to-one autumn and winter retreats in the Dordogne, France Step outside of your world, the one you have become used to as the only way of living and thinking. Step into a new world, a new understanding, to glimpse how different things can be in your […]