An authentic restaurant

In the most beautiful vineyards close to Bergerac is something rather special. Pushing open a door to an unassuming bistro, I pause stunned by all that meets my senses. This is atmosphere, a perfect environment that hits all the right notes. Candles flickering in alcoves, delicate chandeliers high above my head, enchanting music, the gentle […]

Exploring Domme

I’m wandering about in Domme, taking time to soak in magnificent panoramic views and watch the Dordogne river carving through the countryside. Yesterday I was in the valley looking up at all the beautiful sandstone cliffs with proudly placed chateaux looming down at me. Today from Domme they look tiny beneath me, the green of […]

Autumn retreats in the Dordogne

Image:   Setting the sceneā€¦ I drove through the night, miles and miles of unlit dual carriageway. As the road and lunar like landscape became the beauty of the Dordogne the sun came up. Incandescent pink orange and red in a sublime blue sky. Mist sitting in the valleys glowing pink creeping into all […]