Lake Viñuela – Andalusia

A unique oasis of blue topaz water, tones changing to reflect every nuance of the sky. Sparse whitewashed buildings hug the hilly borders, distant splashes of shocking pink bougainvillea catching the eye. Water that quenches the thirst of locals and the imagination of artists. Colours so changeable and delightful it is enough and more just […]

An authentic restaurant

In the most beautiful vineyards close to Bergerac is something rather special. Pushing open a door to an unassuming bistro, I pause stunned by all that meets my senses. This is atmosphere, a perfect environment that hits all the right notes. Candles flickering in alcoves, delicate chandeliers high above my head, enchanting music, the gentle […]

Exploring Domme

I’m wandering about in Domme, taking time to soak in magnificent panoramic views and watch the Dordogne river carving through the countryside. Yesterday I was in the valley looking up at all the beautiful sandstone cliffs with proudly placed chateaux looming down at me. Today from Domme they look tiny beneath me, the green of […]

Dune du Pilat – Arcachon

  It’s not often you encounter views that confuse the mind. Walking up from a car park hidden beneath a dense canopy of pine trees I reach what can only be described as a mountain of pure white sand. I start the ascent, not easy work and laugh with others about slow progress and burning […]

Where are our retreats?

Exploring the Dordogne this winter has discovered true love in me for this part of the world. There is great contrast between the seasonal experiences of this special place. Out of season raw beauty is offered without adornment, a clear view with priceless stillness, silence and expansive space. The light and colours brighter than summer […]

Fairy-tale in the sky

The temperature has changed tonight, a muggy feeling is in the air beckoning me out to explore starlit scenes. The night is a blanket of black to the far horizon, an occasional pinprick of light peeking from open shutters, stars in fact hidden from view by pervading cloud. After following a sharp bend in the […]

Cycling in the Dordogne

  This feels truly free. Beautiful blue skies wash a spectacular richness of colour over the earth, empty tracks weave all over the countryside allowing me to savour every view. I cycle through vineyards, valleys, around aquamarine lakes, through medieval hamlets and past shuttered farmhouse after farmhouse. I feel like I am pedaling through an […]