Mindful Monday 13th May

  Make your greatest ambition to discover the light of peace     Creative Recipes Using Seasonal Produce of May Whilst Debbie can’t tailor the recipes on a blog to every individual’s conditions and body the way she does with her clients, she does hand-select the recipes based on healthy ingredients put together in the […]

Mindful Monday – 27th August

    White water lilies are an ancient symbol associated with profound aspects of life and spirituality: purity, joy, and enlightenment. Just the sight of these restful floating continents on a piping hot day is enough to connect you to a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Snacks! Clever and tasty snacks to tantalise  Whilst […]

Emotions Part 4

By Dr Deborah Quinn   A little bit deeper … Do you occupy most of your mind and day with irritations – what someone said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do – interspersed with short-lived highs when someone says or does something ‘good’ for you…? Put another way, are you measuring your worth entirely on […]