Delicious Salad Dressings for Spring!

Salads are on the menu! A touch of creativity means raw fresh quality produce can be deliciously tasty as well as medicinal! Aim for a rainbow of colours, and offer your body a broad range of antioxidants as well as a booster of much needed minerals and vitamins. Savour the crunch and move away from […]

Sensual Delight!

  Break the false idea┬áthat healthy equals boring and bland Feeling this way about healthy food helps us keep to the status quo – it’s what makes us feel deprived when we’re giving up addictions and changing bad habits. The fact that the OPPOSITE is true should be great news to all of us – […]

Yin Yoga

Image from In Spirit Yoga Studio Yin yoga is about holding poses for longer to deepen the effect, to get beyond the muscles and into the deeper tissues. This offers a wonderful potential to release tensions. The value of this practice is evident with the emotional feelings that come up during or after the practice, […]