The Yoga Journey: Unexpected Discoveries

A Note from Natalie: yoga-novice Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn Photo by Dimitry Kotov As mentioned in our first yoga post, I have been re-starting my yoga journey, and I’d like to share 2 milestones I’ve made note of, because I […]

What is Wellbeing?

The Journey Wellbeing is often described as a journey, and this is a fair analogy, so far as the journey is not just a means to an end. Perhaps it is better to think of wellbeing as the path you choose to walk in your life – it develops, offering many opportunities along the way, […]

Back to School – Procrastination &Concentration

By Debbie… True wellbeing is a mastered skill, to be able to relax the mind from long held tensions. To allow more focus for the tasks at hand and therefore more pleasure and performance in them…… Also to experience more space within the mind for creativity which naturally develops a more fulfilling authentic life little by […]

The Emotional Equation

  Wellbeing is a mastered state of relaxation and inspiration. Simply put, it is understanding of where your energy drains away from you and how to generate it from within you, working on getting the balance right.   The energy drain Every second of every day most of your energy is spent on ‘futile’ emotional responses… […]