January Retreats

What is Retreat? Nothing will dramatically change your health, weight or energy in a week. Our vision is that this is the foundation for the rest of your life. In a space where you connect back to your true self to attain the key knowledge that will manifest real improvement in your lifestyle and the […]

Exercise… Getting Started!

    Photo from running.competitor.com   There is a difference between doing exercise and doing it well. If you are too busy and haven’t got an exercise/fitness regime in place currently, let’s start from scratch …. Why exercise?   Some of the benefits…   To improve your cardiovascular fitness decreasing your chances of heart disease […]

Retreat! Retreat! Get away from it all with Debbie…

A note from Natalie… Retreats are amazing: beautiful places, a gentler pace, a unique chance to focus on just one thing for a dedicated period of time. Each of our Wellbeing retreats are hosted by Debbie and feature her purposefully curated meals – (which are as delicious as they are specially beneficial) – and her lovely […]