Tips for January: Hibernation

All about hibernation… All images in this post by kind permission from Susan Licht at Licht Years Store your food… Stock up on your ‘pantry’ goods Batch cook soups and stews for the freezer. Get out the slow cooker! Prepare food in the morning and reap the rewards later in the day when you may […]

Exercise… Getting Started!

    Photo from   There is a difference between doing exercise and doing it well. If you are too busy and haven’t got an exercise/fitness regime in place currently, let’s start from scratch …. Why exercise?   Some of the benefits…   To improve your cardiovascular fitness decreasing your chances of heart disease […]

The Emotional Equation

  Wellbeing is a mastered state of relaxation and inspiration. Simply put, it is understanding of where your energy drains away from you and how to generate it from within you, working on getting the balance right.   The energy drain Every second of every day most of your energy is spent on ‘futile’ emotional responses… […]

Relaxation Part 4

The jump from melodrama to sensual delight Part of the on-going exploration into the fascinating work you can expect from private consultations.   Dr Deborah Quinn… What if you could understand why you feel the way you do? That most of your daily experience is consumed by mere reaction to external influences, rarely expressing your […]