Yin Yoga

Image from In Spirit Yoga Studio Yin yoga is about holding poses for longer to deepen the effect, to get beyond the muscles and into the deeper tissues. This offers a wonderful potential to release tensions. The value of this practice is evident with the emotional feelings that come up during or after the practice, […]

Success in 2017

Be successful : invest wisely in your single greatest asset  – YOU What can you do for you in 2017? Our Practice goes beyond nutritional medicine, founded in a belief that emotional responses within you create the platforms for ‘dis-ease’. Disappointment, frustration, feelings of having been betrayed or let down, hopelessness, boredom, irritation, anger, resentment, sadness, […]

Emotions Part 4

By Dr Deborah Quinn   A little bit deeper … Do you occupy most of your mind and day with irritations – what someone said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do – interspersed with short-lived highs when someone says or does something ‘good’ for you…? Put another way, are you measuring your worth entirely on […]


A Note from Natalie Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn Working with Debbie for any length of time, you get to see things from a unique perspective and really appreciate the complex effects that our emotional state has on our bodies and […]

The Emotional Equation

  Wellbeing is a mastered state of relaxation and inspiration. Simply put, it is understanding of where your energy drains away from you and how to generate it from within you, working on getting the balance right.   The energy drain Every second of every day most of your energy is spent on ‘futile’ emotional responses… […]

Emotions Part 1

You Really Are Not Who You Think You Are… Dr Deborah Quinn   Bill Wadman Dancers In Motion   We tend to define ourselves by a set of responses we give to other people, our opinions and the way we express them. If you are defined solely by the responses you give to everything you […]