A February Night in Sarlat

I’m excited to be here, exploring twisting cobbled streets, glistening rain soaked fairytale turrets lit up by mimic old world gaslights. It’s so empty and quiet at this time of night, I hear only my own footsteps and the rustling of my clothes. I don’t see another person. As I look up I see the […]

Fairy-tale in the sky

The temperature has changed tonight, a muggy feeling is in the air beckoning me out to explore starlit scenes. The night is a blanket of black to the far horizon, an occasional pinprick of light peeking from open shutters, stars in fact hidden from view by pervading cloud. After following a sharp bend in the […]

Cycling in the Dordogne

  This feels truly free. Beautiful blue skies wash a spectacular richness of colour over the earth, empty tracks weave all over the countryside allowing me to savour every view. I cycle through vineyards, valleys, around aquamarine lakes, through medieval hamlets and past shuttered farmhouse after farmhouse. I feel like I am pedaling through an […]

Beauty in Sarlat Cathedral

Today I wandered into Sarlat Cathedral to immerse myself in its energy; austere, peaceful and humbling. Choral music is quietly playing which intensifies the atmosphere hauntingly. As the notes echo around the building in beautiful ways, penetrating the hearts of anyone listening, the purpose of the complex shapes in this architecture are revealed. Silently I […]

Exploring The Dordogne Valley in February

Wandering around exploring this fairy tale countryside is relaxing in a way I’ve never experienced before, the beauty clarified by lack of haze from the summer crowds. The stillness inspires and delights, weaving healing into your being. There is an energy here that gently lifts you from mind occupation, an opportunity to hold onto meditation […]

Autumn retreats in the Dordogne

Image: dreamfrenchweddings.com   Setting the scene… I drove through the night, miles and miles of unlit dual carriageway. As the road and lunar like landscape became the beauty of the Dordogne the sun came up. Incandescent pink orange and red in a sublime blue sky. Mist sitting in the valleys glowing pink creeping into all […]