Mindful Monday – 17th December

DIY Lavender Rose Bath Bombs! From Maison de Pax Try these out on yourself before you make a batch to give to friends and loved ones… or just keep making them for you!   Find the video and instructions HERE   Delicious Christmas! Healthy alternatives to the festive favourites Whilst Debbie can’t tailor the recipes […]

Mindful Monday – 10th December

Our 4 week series: Week 3 Unleash your secret creative superpower There’s nothing you can do about having to get a lot done in a short amount of time: there’s no magical solution for it… … Except that when you engage in something which inspires you, time literally slows down. Artists call it being ‘in […]

Mindful Monday – 3rd December

Our new 4 week series:   Week 2 A Gorgeous Holiday Make DIY HOLIDAY SMUDGE STICKS From the lovely Natalie Bowen Designs, for Sacramento Street     This is a beautiful, calming activity to keep the chaos at bay. With lovely photographs and a step-by-step guide, enjoy and take a breather. Find it HERE   […]

Mindful Monday – 26th November

Our new 4 week series:   Week 1 Keeping it Real: The Christmas Tree question   There’s nothing like the scent and impact of bringing a real tree into your home at Christmas, but if you’re concerned about the environment, or simply don’t have the space, there are always inspiring alternatives!     Go Green […]