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Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy

Qualified Medical Doctor

Uniquely applying an exceptional understanding of body performance.

Whether it’s for business, general fitness or preparation for a particular goal, aligning your attitude and supporting your body with the best possible resources is the road to success.

Personalised programmes take the guesswork out of the process.



Physiology strives to determine how to improve survival and performance in harsh environments – high altitude, space and deep sea diving primarily. It is the study that helps NASA get astronauts further into space, the science that helps climbers climb higher and divers dive deeper.

Deborah is passionate about peak performance, and uses her exceptional achievements in physiology, medicine and nutrition to help clients optimise their fitness and define exciting new ambitions with developing confidence and capability. She works with professional athletes or enthusiastic amateurs seeking to achieve greater performance from themselves.

All levels welcome, guidance for all activities…



We have a particular interest in helping athletes (all levels and activities) push the limits of their individual capabilities. 



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Main Goals
Personalised guidance, unique to every client. Aiming to:

  • develop strength, stamina, balance and flexibility
  • limit repetitive movement strain and injury
  • support recuperation from injury
  • address chronic inflammation/pain
  • support joint and other musculo-skeletal function from intense physical training

Aiming to Address:

  • Alkaline balance
  • Optimum nutrition for each unique individual
  • Natural anti-inflammatory measures
  • Specialist nutritional support for tendons, ligaments and cartilage
  • Muscle performance for strength and stamina
  • Blood sugar control and adrenal function (the foundations of power)

Protection against injury
Understanding your musculoskeletal requirements, mechanical and biochemical

Recuperation from injury
Looking to encourage more effective repair. Understanding body compensation mechanisms, identifying when these are limiting peak performance

Power-to-weight ratio
Identifying best guidelines for each unique individual

Identifying which hands-on professionals would suit you best according to current issues, performance and goals

  • Physiotherapy
  • Yoga
  • Sports massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Osteopathy…

Just for children…
Guidance for maintaining healthy growth and development, balancing the impact of challenging training regimes


For all enquiries and bookings (clinic, telephone, Skype) please contact:

Email: deborah@h2o-nutrition.com

Tel: 07855 523487

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