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  • Sloane Medical Practice Clinic – Nutritional Medicine
  • Home visits
  • Consultations with Private Chefs
  • Exclusive Wellbeing Retreats – Corsica, Tuscany, Andalusia, Italian Lakes, UK, Luxury Spa Days…



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Depend on the reputation and authority of a medically trained specialist to work on optimising your wellbeing.

Inspiring guidance tailored entirely for you as a unique individual.

  • Nutritional medicine & naturopathy
  • In-depth diagnosis of subtle physiological deficiencies, imbalances and toxicities
  • Peak Performance – optimising performance and success!
  • Working with addictions
  • Working with mood & sleep disorders
  • Working with your internal pharmacy: an in-depth understanding about the dynamic relationship between mind and body function: how hormones and neurotransmitters direct your physical health and wellbeing


We run thought patterns and values from an origin inside us that we do not understand or connect to. It has taken years of expert training and vast experience to develop a unique way of working with clients towards greater understanding, and therefore ultimate wellbeing.


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