Corsica beaches in June

logo postcard 2

I encounter dazzling white powder sand, the beach reaching its tentacles into fresh pine woods hiding these magical coves from roads and tracks skirting this luscious island.

The aroma is invigorating and Christmas nostalgia pulls excitement from me.
Aquamarine seas with gentle forces creating buoyant waters and shallow shelves can be glimpsed from the woods.

To float, swim and play amongst the lasers of sunlight twirling through the rhythmical bounce of clear water. To be held, cool but bathed in piercing light.

My vista from the sea is breathtaking. In the foreground beyond the beach layers of white flowers beneath canopies of pine trees and beyond rugged mountain ranges carving the sky.

A tiny island blessed with widely contrasting and dramatic natural beauty rarely gracing one single glance. A loveliness that compels you to smile, all the beauty and sense of freedom diving deeper into your heart and adding to its substance.

To fill a whole day floating in this sea, idly watching the sun advance steadily across the sky until it sinks from view behind the mountains.

Lazily I gather up my stuff and feel the crunch of pine needles under my heavy legs, struggling to find effective movement after hours off land. I weave back to the car, peaceful and relaxed. Inspired and vital as priorities shift within.


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