Mindful Monday – 30th July

  Be Mindful: Be Love   It’s the end of another month. Remember to show yourself and others love, gratitude and gentleness. Top Tips: Look for beauty, don’t focus on negativity Push your anger away like an enemy and try to think of the world as your friend Be grateful for every small mercy, and […]

Mindful Monday – 23rd July

  Be Gentle Towards Yourself   We can be strict with our minds and bodies without realising how harsh we are being. We can have stern expectations, and rigorous instructions: we might not realise we’re not hearing what the body & mind needs when we’re so focused on telling it what we want. Bodies work […]

Mindful Monday – 16th July

  Think Cool to Keep Cool   Top Tips: Moisturise your feet for a wonderful reviving effect on the whole body. Nourish & Calm dried or over-heated skin Cool your pulse-points for a more restful night’s sleep Use the power of your mind – listening to arctic winds; cultivating stillness through meditation or gentle stretching; […]

Mindful Monday – 9th July

  Cherish Summer Evenings!   The magical moment when the air turns pleasantly cooler, enjoy the fabulous colours of summer nights: clear skies mean incredible stars, and it’s still warm enough to lounge, or walk, or dream…   Baking without refined sugarĀ  Removing refined sugar from your diet does not mean abstinence from all things […]