Exploring Domme

logo postcard 2

I’m wandering about in Domme, taking time to soak in magnificent panoramic views and watch the Dordogne river carving through the countryside. Yesterday I was in the valley looking up at all the beautiful sandstone cliffs with proudly placed chateaux looming down at me. Today from Domme they look tiny beneath me, the green of the countryside instead dominating the view.

This is a beautiful village, in February a select few coffee shops and bistros are open but quiet.

I stroll down charming medieval streets smelling the faint scent of wood burning in cosy log fires that will now always be a sense impression of rural France. This village is so high I watch the wisps of smoke curling up from chimneys seeming like they are the source of today’s passing clouds.

An exquisite jewellery shop entices me in and I find myself being shown around the workshop to see how these unique artisan pieces are created. In all the quiet there is a pulse of sincerity, people have the time, time to share their lives and discover yours.


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