Where are our retreats?

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Exploring the Dordogne this winter has discovered true love in me for this part of the world. There is great contrast between the seasonal experiences of this special place. Out of season raw beauty is offered without adornment, a clear view with priceless stillness, silence and expansive space. The light and colours brighter than summer days back home.

Today I visited a quiet coffee shop overhanging the Dordogne River, sat gazing at two of the chateaux in the golden triangle high on cliffs divided by the powerful river busying past me and felt free. A fire and soft enchanting music added further delight to the experience of this postcard view.

There is a valley that turns off from the Dordogne valley from this place, the river is much smaller, flows over white rocks and is so clear it hues aquamarine in the sunlight. I cycled down this valley from the coffee shop, following the weave of the river, undulating and dramatic countryside laden with trees rising on either side. Impressive cliffs of honey sandstone that seem to soak in the sun and reflect its light back.
A perfect spot, beauty captivating, adventure generous, energy healing. An environment to initiate this process that will transform you.

The Ceou valley has only spectacular countryside between you and the other most breathtaking sites in this famed part of France. Retreat to peace, relaxation, uplifting light and spectacular beauty.

Join me for a special one to one retreat between October and March 2018/19




Photos taken by Dr Deborah Quinn on Retreat in The Dordogne

Come join me on these special one to one retreats in the Dordogne. Enjoy exceptional coaching underpinning an authentic and inspiring experience. Designed only for you.

For more information see HERE

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