Market day at Issigeac

logo postcard 2
I amble into the timeless bustle, aromas and colour fiesta of this beautiful and renowned French market. People are hanging out at the coffee shops greeting both friends and strangers with friendly embrace, bags bulging with fresh and exquisite produce. The charming antique, jewellery and art shops have opened to entice the market crowds on this warm autumn day.
I love this town, detailed and cherished medieval buildings toppling into narrow, winding cobbled streets, flora displayed in every nook and cranny, the impressive church watching over the passing of time.
I wander away and discover an almost hidden art gallery. A glamorous French women greets me and I find myself mesmerised by her work. Experimenting with textures and light enveloping the mystique of the feminine form. I look again at this woman, radiant with creativity. Involved with her work and peaceful just to express her inspiration. I feel the strength of that and just smile.


Photos taken by Dr Deborah Quinn on Retreat in The Dordogne

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