How to create retreats at home

A Snippet from Debbie’s retreat diary


Practice some of the introductory elements of a retreat in your daily life:

  • Go solo to get in touch with your soul.
  • Free your potential for wellbeing by freeing yourself from all the illusionary traps of the mind.

Caleb JonesCaleb Jones

This week – a walking meditation

Walking with mindfulness.

Stepping aside and walking away from the chattering mind.

In this space you can sense beauty, feel connection, practice relaxation and express gratitude.



Embrace the potential….

  • Adventure
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air and breathing
  • Grounding
  • Creative focus

An hour and a half well spent:
Capturing beauty in the Dordogne on a January morning.



Discover somewhere new. Finding somewhere fresh tantalises the curiosity and focuses more energy away from your chattering mind. Get more involved with the beauty of the outside world. Find a special space in nature.

new friends.JPGA new neighbour!



Walk briskly at a pace that shifts stagnation. Gently swing your arms, roll your shoulders, skip! Concentrate on finding a more effective way of relaxed movement that doesn’t pull and pain your body.


Fresh air and breathing 

Huffing with a pace helps release acid out of your body. This helps your mind settle more peacefully, so there is space for you to relax and create. Tension dissolved from mind and body lets energy flow through you again.



Step aside from dwelling in the past or planning a future. Get away from the occupation of your security. Be grateful to be alive, just for the experience of the moment, a simple connection to earth and sky. No gossip, no concerns. Just what is… beauty.

jacob sappJacob Sapp

Take photos 

The mind is difficult to train. It is addicted to woes, desires and worries, a perpetual dialogue that unnerves and devalues. How hard it is to turn down the chatter to free space to enter the meditative state of just being and registering sensual delights. Taking photos on your walk pushes the senses to dominate your experience, rather than being only a token presence in the background to consuming runaway thoughts.

Put your energy towards creativity for a feeling of wellbeing…



This week’s recipe:

Cauliflower Burgers With Beetroot Sauce And Flatbread Buns



Here at honestly healthy food

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