Autumn Boosters: Welcome The Best You Yet!

A Note from Natalie

Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn

Most people shut down a bit over the winter. We want to inspire you to do the opposite – light up! Be the best you of the year so far!

img_1402.jpgPhoto from Debbie

In ancient calendars, the festivities at the end of October represented the end of the year, and November 1st was the beginning of a new one.

The celebrations fall naturally to celebrate the end of Harvest, as a time to reflect on the year’s efforts and outcomes – but it is also incorporates a more mystical aspect, to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for the darkness of the winter months ahead.

You face your greatest challenges in winter, both in the outer world, and in your private inner worlds too.

It’s still important to acknowledge the seasonal changes from a time when people knew the value of life, who celebrated at every opportunity throughout the year. Life can be difficult, facing hard work and overcoming struggles is what heroes are made of. But there is nothing to be afraid of, only opportunity to grow and become legendary, and with the right preparation, there’s no reason why the potential and beauty of the colder months should cause you to falter in your journey.

Your body, your mental and emotional wellbeing should always be checked on as the environment around you changes, and while nature might seem to be nodding off to sleep, we want you bursting like fireworks and generating your own bright sparks!

In addition to seasonally balancing what you put on and into your body, pay your inner wellbeing its due attention, and your winter won’t be a hard slog. You won’t emerge exhausted, but energised and invigorated.


Honour yourself

Take care of yourself. There are the basics – your skin will react to the environmental changes of cold outdoors and manufactured heat inside, you’ll need to moisturise and take extra care of it. You might naturally be inclined to eat different foods, so work out what your nutritional needs are before indulging in the wrong things to meet the cravings – if you get this right, your energy will be sustainable and balanced, and you’ll feel pretty great.

But your immune system needs more than just good fuel, it relies on your inner chemistry, your self-generated wellbeing. It needs good times, a relaxed body; it will respond brilliantly to gentle stretches and boosts of the good-feeling hormones generated by exercise, activity and inspiration. So getting outside, even if it means wrapping up in your most fabulous knits and layers, will power you up far more than clinging to the radiators will.


Play music, dance, go swimming, move, play an instrument, touch, laugh a lot more, walk, enjoy the lights, go to museums…

it’s all free, and it’s all waiting for you in the waking world…


Take your time 

Throw-away culture is available 24/7, but your inner self needs a lot more to feel nourished. If you need an excuse to devote time to slow activities – crafts, cookery, baking, meditating and making – set yourself some Christmas projects. There’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself – it brings you naturally towards growth, and you never ever want to put a cap on that! We’ll be sharing ideas with you throughout if you’re stuck for ideas, but the last thing you want to hear yourself saying is ‘I can’t’. Allow yourself fun, experimentation and mistakes.

There’s no need to shut yourself off from your inner self, your potential and the greater world just because it seems like the easier thing to do.


Join Debbie in the Dordogne

This is the essence of an environment for a retreat – An opportunity to leave everything that causes anxiety in your daily life, replaced with the inspirational and healing effect of beauty, peace and light.

FullSizeRender.jpgPhoto from Debbie

 Notes from Debbie…

This is the essence of an environment for a retreat: an opportunity to leave everything that causes anxiety in your daily life, replaced with the inspirational and healing effect of beauty, peace and light.

In your life you encounter pressures and challenges you feel trapped by. But really you are only encountering your own mind, complicatedly invested in its ideas, goals and responses.

Step away and into an atmosphere of inspiration and you have an opportunity to really observe what you are doing to yourself in grand or subtle ways. The busyness makes it so difficult to see, the collective ideas around you become your own.

What is a holiday? An idea that you can give yourself a break from the mundane and all responsibilities. An idea that you will reboot, usually by sleeping, resting, and stepping out of the rat race.

What is an authentic retreat? An environment and opportunity to really see who you are, so that you have a real possibility of true shift by careful diagnosis and purposeful and individual inspiration. Having available all the physical tools to support harmony in your body, but the real and complex work is to observe your mind and what nourishes and drains your unique energy.

We’re currently in the Dordogne doing one to one autumn retreats. For more information about this special opportunity email:

Check out all our retreats on our website HERE

What are your seasonal preparations? What do you most look forward to in Autumn?

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