Tips for February: Letting in the Light

A Note from Natalie

Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn

I’m not much of a sun worshipper, but even I have to admit that the brilliant (if sporadic) sun over the past few days has brought with it a much lighter sense of things. While there’s a lot to be said for cocooning every now and then – enjoying firelight and layers of blankets and a hot steaming mug first thing in the morning, there is definitely a time for all seasons, and I’m looking forward to brighter days, a few less layers and a few more hours in the day.

What have we been missing?

The garden. It’s been more brown than green, more mud than grass, more bare sticks than interesting foliage. But keep your eyes peeled this week for little buds and early birds like the delicate crocus – from which of course the vibrant and highly valued Saffron comes.

Is there anything more evocative than that musky aroma and unmistakable yellow, to fire up the senses and the imagination?

Photo: Crocus: Purples and Saffron…


Photo: ‘Crocus Stones’ by Natalie

A breath of fresh air. There’s no doubt there’s plenty of bracing weather to be enjoyed over the winter months, but there’s no denying that an icy breath can be a shocking one. I for one am greatly looking forward to the mellow freshness of warmer days. I can breathe deeper, stay out longer and stretch out in the open air without fearing the icy fingers of winter getting where they shouldn’t!

Light. Joyful fairy lights, glorious lanterns, atmospheric candles – all light is good light, but nothing delights and nourishes living things like sunlight. And a break in the clouds is enough to write epics about – after a quarter of the year under a dimmer switch, I’m ready to feel the effects of daylight again.


Photo: ‘Shine’ by Natalie

It might be ever so subtle where you are, or it might be as contrasting as blue skies after an age of steely grey, but there are many changes tentatively peering out at us, so greet them all and look forward to a happy shedding of winter heaviness.

Spring is coming, lighten your load…


A Practice for the middle of February

Sometimes the most transformative experiences don’t come from radical changes in habit or routine, they come from changing our perspective.

The stories we tell ourselves inform how we view our current positions. Reaffirming old hurts or formative events keeps us firmly planted within a certain context.

But there is so much more to the world than the stories we feed back to ourselves, and a change of perspective opens new and beautiful views on the world.


Photo: ‘Surface’ by Natalie

There are so many ways of seeing, so many plays of light and shadow, so much beauty in the objects, people and possibilities that have so far been just in the periphery of our vision…

There is something magical in our daily reality which we don’t always see – we’re keeping ourselves occupied with The Big Idea – those made-up versions only concerned with the past and the future; with causes and effects, with plans and maps.

Sometimes surrounding yourself with beauty is enough! Sometimes making room for the light is all you need!


Photo: ‘Twilight’ by Natalie

Feel well this week by letting in the light, in as many ways as you can. Change your perspective, switch off your stories, delve into the magical world of this particular moment…




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