Yin Yoga

Image from In Spirit Yoga Studio Yin yoga is about holding poses for longer to deepen the effect, to get beyond the muscles and into the deeper tissues. This offers a wonderful potential to release tensions. The value of this practice is evident with the emotional feelings that come up during or after the practice, […]

Tips for January: Hibernation

All about hibernation… All images in this post by kind permission from Susan Licht at Licht Years Store your food… Stock up on your ‘pantry’ goods Batch cook soups and stews for the freezer. Get out the slow cooker! Prepare food in the morning and reap the rewards later in the day when you may […]

Success in 2017

Be successful : invest wisely in your single greatest asset  – YOU What can you do for you in 2017? Our Practice goes beyond nutritional medicine, founded in a belief that emotional responses within you create the platforms for ‘dis-ease’. Disappointment, frustration, feelings of having been betrayed or let down, hopelessness, boredom, irritation, anger, resentment, sadness, […]