The Last Week of November

A Note from Natalie

Natalie is the resident writer, but not an expert. For expert advice, please book a consultation with Dr Quinn

December can disappear at an alarming rate with the weekends swallowed up by shopping, wrapping, visiting family and friends and partying. It can all be a bit of a hectic rush.

So as November draws to a close, make the most of the time to take a breather and prepare.


Photo by Carli Jeen


If you’ve kept a journal, now is a great time to take a look back and reflect on the last year. Did you set any intentions? How did they come out? What have you achieved? What were the high points and low points of the year, and what have you learnt along the way? We don’t always get the chance in the moment to really reflect on what’s been happening, but it can be a really rewarding habit to develop because it enables us to adjust ourselves. Looking back helps you understand how better to align yourself with your goals and dreams. Looking forward lets you create a point of reference – to live life purposefully instead of being overwhelmed by it all the time.

Get excited about possibilities, about trying things in a new or different way. Don’t focus on what didn’t work out – every time you stop to reflect you create an opportunity for yourself to grow and develop.

Consciously exchange dread for excitement. Turn every ending into a beginning.

Preparing for what’s ahead

One of the biggest challenges about the run-away festive period is finding time and space to make the most of it. By the time you get to New Year and the ubiquitous resolutions, we’re probably feeling overwhelmed and eager just to get back to the routine.

But everything about this time of year can be really magical. From savouring the gorgeous lights, the beautiful smells and flavours, the warmth of your home at the end of a hectic day out in the cold – being present with the ones you love instead of rushing by them in a whirl of busyness.

Look out for our December blog posts to inspire you to feel creatively engaged with the season and make the most of every day. Just because the world wants you to rush and panic and shop, doesn’t mean you’re obliged to get completely lost in the whirlwind. Step outside of it and breathe once in a while, and you’ll find there’s plenty of time to make a little peace in your life.


Photo by Nikola Jelenkovic

This Week’s Recipe from the Free People Blog:

Roasted Beet Salad

Important: Debbie is selecting recipes with combinations of ingredients to inspire your cooking regimes, but while they are healthier choices in general, they will not address individual issues. You MUST make sure that all ingredients you use are compatible with your own individual medical conditions, medications, allergies and goals.


Organic Ingredients

2 beets, medium
1/2 cup broccoli florets
1 pear
Baby arugula (rocket)
1 cup toasted pine nuts
2 tbsp extra virgin 0live oil
1 tsp aged apple cider white balsamic vinegar
Sea salt
Black pepper

Step 1
Wrap 2 medium-sized beets in foil with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and a splash of water. Roast at 400 degrees for 30-50 minutes (depending on size) to fork tender.  Then cool a few minutes and peel skin with your hands.
Step 2
Cut broccoli and into small florets. In a very hot pan add the florets. Add a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper. Char florets until caramelized.
Cut, core and slice pear. Drizzle pear slices with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Grill until caramelized on both sides.
Step 3
Slice the roasted beets thin and arrange on the plate.  Season with salt and pepper. Then garnish with charred florets, grilled pears, baby arugula and pine nuts. Dress with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and vinegar.


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