Retreat! Retreat! Get away from it all with Debbie…

A note from Natalie… Retreats are amazing: beautiful places, a gentler pace, a unique chance to focus on just one thing for a dedicated period of time. Each of our Wellbeing retreats are hosted by Debbie and feature her purposefully curated meals – (which are as delicious as they are specially beneficial) – and her lovely […]

Emotions Part 1

You Really Are Not Who You Think You Are… Dr Deborah Quinn   Bill Wadman Dancers In Motion   We tend to define ourselves by a set of responses we give to other people, our opinions and the way we express them. If you are defined solely by the responses you give to everything you […]

Relaxation Part 4

The jump from melodrama to sensual delight Part of the on-going exploration into the fascinating work you can expect from private consultations.   Dr Deborah Quinn… What if you could understand why you feel the way you do? That most of your daily experience is consumed by mere reaction to external influences, rarely expressing your […]