By Dr Deborah Quinn

Mastering the art and reaping the rewards!

The mind chaotically chattering away can be exhausting. It by nature seeks to be full of thoughts, but has no quality control!

Let us look at a few practises which encourage relaxation of the mind: a letting go of some of the worries and mundane chatter.

All these thoughts literally tie you up in knots!

The first approach is to better master the art of relaxation as a precious part of your day, so we will be posting about some great tools to help you start the process.

Photo by TJ Holowaychuk 


Here is a brief outline of what to could seek to observe and aim for.

Stage One: Learning to observe

To observe what does run through your mind when you aren’t busy with your hands…When you listen to your own thoughts you begin to realise what a waste of airspace some of them are!

And they are not without consequence, all the worries and grinding observations you listen to 24/7 knot you up! Your body takes direction from your thoughts. Worries can create tensions throughout your body. The more tension you can release from your body, the more comfortable and energised you could feel.

Stage Two: Understanding the impact of your thoughts

To observe with interest how these thoughts make you feel! Here are some feelings you may identify… unsettled, anxious, bored, fearful, uncomfortable, unmotivated, angry, distracted…

So, some of your daily thoughts are not making you feel good?

Stage Three: Letting go

Try and empty your mind for just seconds at a time…. To think of nothing (the most difficult thing to do!!!). Try and be amused by persistent thoughts, not frustrated as this creates even more tension and defeats the purpose!

Stage Four: Enjoy some mastery

Aiming to ENJOY the practice of creating some space in your mind for tiny bursts of time. Observe how relaxed you may feel when this occurs. Observe how your body feels when this happens.

Stage Five: Feel the change

Listen to more creative thoughts that may start to enter your mind when it is given a little space (the tiny moments of silence can help encourage these new thoughts to pop up).

Aiming to experience more relaxation, mentally and physically, may appeal as a better way of daily living. It doesn’t mean you won’t achieve anything. With this state of mind you may achieve much more…..

However there are many tools to try and achieve a more relaxed state. If this one doesn’t suit you, look to our next step in the journey… Everyone is unique and what suits one person or feels useful may not suit you. Trying a number of different practices will help you discover your preferences.





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